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The quiz section of Probability & Statistics is probably corrupted. Can you fix it?
You can visit the update page at Replace the old quiz.dxr with the new one. It should be working fine now....
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-02-19 Views: 6246
I purchased Math Advantage2009. I installed Algebra Booster, but when I TRY TO USE IT, I GET THE MESSAGE THAT IT IS NIOT INSTALLED. I HAVE VISTA HOME AND SCHOOL WITH SERVICE PACK 1.
The following message was replied by This problem occurs after Microsoft released the Service Pack for Vista. The SP1 changed the security policy for accessing system registry. You can download ......
●●●●● Last Update: 2010-02-09 Views: 4274
Software is not installed after installation??
I just bought the 2008 edition of Math Advantage from Best Buy. But, after I installed the software, it keeps saying that the software is not installed. Can you help me ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-02-08 Views: 10254
How do you get the software maximized to fill the screen?
The default screen size for the software is 800x600. If the resolution is changed, the images will be distorted....
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-02-08 Views: 2963
The software I purchased math advantage 2010 has 2 cd 1 works another the other is a blank cd.When I try and upload cd system advise please place a cd in the cd rom drive.
There are 2 discs: One for Windows system and the other is for Mac OS X. If you have Windows system, the other disc is not readable by Windows!...
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-02-08 Views: 3804
Is there any way to print out quiz results for math advantage2010? I'm using Windows Vista. Thanks
Currently the software doesn\'t support printing results from quiz section. We will add this request to future release....
●●●●● Last Update: 2010-02-08 Views: 7389

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