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I tried using the Chemistry disk as part of the high school Success Deluxe set and the cd works, the only problem I'm encountering is on the lessons. When I am in a lesson for example I click on lesson 7.5 and a page of information appears but it suggests there is more pages of information on this unit but I have no idea how to move from the page on screen. Could you explain how I can do this.
The following message was replied by The navigation system for Chemistry, Biology and Physics is a game sytle - joystick. Please click on the right arrow to navigate to the ......
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I have the English CDS and they don't run in vista a message "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG.NT" appears every time and the CDs won't run. Any help appreciated!
What version of English software do you have? Your copy of the English software is probably outdated. Should you need a newer version, please visit our store at
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I bought your Algebra 1 CD and it is not working. Thanks, Mike.
If you are running the Algebra 1 CD with Windows Vista, there is a compatibility problem. Due to the changes made by Microsoft, Windows doesn\'t allow software to access INI files ......
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