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Today, AccuLive Commander utilizes the power of the Internet to offer a complete communication solution for the education industry. Our open API provides you the capability to host real-time live classes seamlessly with minimal efforts. AccuLive Commander connects to MySQL database servers and obtains user information efficiently. The database is connected via a configurable JDBC bridge. This flexible architecture provides you the easiest and most expandable operating environment for your growing business.

Implementation Options
 Remote installation over SSH
 Firewall friendly and smart NAT traversal
 Bandwidth management
 Optimized audio-video quality
 Web-based management and administration
 User authentication
 Outsource server hosting service
 Perpetual license
 Monthly subscription plans

Server Minimum Requirements (Linux x86 recommended):

Pentium-4 2.8 Ghz or faster CPU
1 GB of memory or more
Linux (Redhat ES3/4-x86 recommended)
Apache Server (2.x)
PHP 4.2.x
MySQL 4.x
200 MB of free hard drive space
Static IP address with 1.5mbps outbound bandwidth
Sun Java 2 Run-time Environment (J2SE Run-Time Environment 1.5.x)

Introduction Overview Features System Requirements Implementation


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