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AccuLive Commander is the most comprehensive e-learning system where educators can communicate directly with their students, gain access to an interactive whiteboard, and utilize a variety of other learning tools.

It’s efficient, convenient, and highly effective!

Crystal-Clear Voice! Better Than Phone Quality, Up to 4-way Internet Audio delivers synchronous voice communication via your existing dial-up, cable, DSL, or LAN. Our technologies optimize and provide the best results for each participant. 4-way full duplex audio chat supports up to four people in conferencing mode. Push-2-Talk mode makes your voice lecture easier.
Whiteboard - the Public Interactive Whiteboard provides tools such as pen, draw shape, text, line, save as image, import PPT/PPS files, upload, add new page, lock, and moderation controls.
Webcam Video enables broadcasting live video via the low cost of PC webcam, Internet camera, or digital camcorder in Motion JPEG or MPEG4 format. Smart bandwidth management feature delivers the best image quality or fastest frame rate to all participants.
Recording & Playback offers a second chance for students to review previous sessions via a browser. Recording a live session is as easy as recording a TV shows from your VCR. All activities will be recorded in a proprietary format to ensure the best result for streaming. No recorder/player plug-in download or installation is required. Playback feature is available immediately after recording.
Pace Synchronization allows late participants to join the live session and catch up to the pace of current participants. If Internet connection is lost, user will be reconnected automatically.
Outstanding Performance delivers a new era of e-learning. Smart bandwidth management, clear voice, smooth application share, interactive whiteboard, flexible file share and many other features are available at your fingertips.
Dynamic File Share, Multi-way Application / Desktop Share, Instant Live Poll, Public / Private Text Chat, and Advanced Moderation Controls.

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