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US Government (ESD Version: for Mac OS X only)

US Government (ESD Version: for Mac OS X only)

US Government (ESD Version: for Mac OS X only)
The US Government software covers key concepts in American government from the Declaration of Independence to the role of the Internet in 21st century politics. The course starts with the founding documents of American democracy: the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. It then covers federalism; citizenship; civil society; the legislative, judicial, and executive branches; the Supreme Court, state and local governments; the media; and different political systems from around the world. All lessons include engaging multimedia animations, relevant real life examples, thought-provoking journal topics, interactive quiz questions, skill-building exercises, critical thinking challenge activities, and an explanation of basic terms and concepts.

The US Government lessons are arranged thematically into 10 units:

* Fundamental Principles of American Democracy
* Rights and Obligations of Citizenship
* Values and Principles of Civil Society
* Roles and Responsibilities of the Three Branches of US Government
* Landmark Supreme Court Decisions
* Political Campaigns and Issues
* National, State, Local, and Tribal Governments
* Influence of the Media on American Political Life
* Different Political Systems
* The Balances and Tensions of Democracy

Minimum System Requirements:
* Mac OS X (Power PC or Intel)
* Power PC G4, Intel Dual-Core, Core 2 Duo or better
* 256 MB of RAM or better
* 150 MB free hard drive space
* SVGA monitor with 16-bit colors
* Sound card and speakers
* Mouse
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