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Trigonometry (CD-ROM Version) (30-USER)

Trigonometry (CD-ROM Version) (30-USER)

Trigonometry (CD-ROM Version) (30-USER)

New version, Windows XP/Vista/7 Compatible!

Homeworkhelp.com Trigonometry is an interactive CD-ROM based tutoring system for high school students currently enrolled in trigonometry. The CD-ROM is also a great study aid for anyone preparing for their college entrance examinations.


* Angles
* Triangles
* Graphing sine and cosine
* Trigonometric functions
* The law of sine
* Trigonometric identities
* Composite angles
* Trigonometric equations
* Graphing trigonometric functions
* Trigonometric form of complex numbers
* And polar and cartesian coordinates

Features include animation, sound, narration, understandable examples and exercises, plus easy-to-use bookmark, print, and search functions. Students can review each chapter on each disc by taking pop quizzes and tests.

Minimum System Requirements:
* 800 MHz processor or better
* 256 MB of RAM or better
* Windows XP/Vista/7

* SVGA monitor with 256+ colors
* 24X CD-ROM drive or better
* Sound Blaster Pro compatible sound card and speakers
* Mouse
* Speakers
Weight 3.00 lbs
Our price: $549.95